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project no.7: synthesis design

In response to a prompt regarding the use of two materials in the pursuit of emphasizing some natural phenomenon, this project utilizes paper and coffe stirrers to create a curved, organic space that endeavors to manipulate wind. The conception behind it is that the curved halls of the synthesized pavilion will move the wind (simulated, in this case, by a desk fan) through its spaces from one end to the other.

The design is for an largely outdoor area, though some of the halls are roofed with an organic, curvy wooden shape that was laser-cut. Atop the roofed area is  crinkled paper meant to represent the use of greenery, further blending the inside and the outside part of this pavilion-like installation. The coffee stirrers are used to emphasize some of the sharp turns of the halls, both by providing structural support and allowing the curving twists to be possible, and by adding contrast to the paper walls. 

The use of coffee stirrers and paper as the major elements of the project also speak to the importance of green practices in architecture. How many pounds of supplies are wasted at the end of the school year as architecture students trash their unused materials? Hence, for a project about nature (wind, in this case, as well as the roof greenery), it seemed especially imperative that the supplies used create as little waste as possible. Hence the use of nontraditional, cheap materials in the pursuit of making a statement on recycling and green architectural practices.

Coffee stirrers & paper.

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