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project no.3: the log

Given a segment of a found log and asked to create a space from the piece, I began this project by sawing the log into eight distinct divisions. From there, it became a project dissecting orientation and what “up” and “down” mean when there is no clear directioning to an object or space. By connecting the portions and slices of log with dowel segments in a new orientation completely distinct from how it was once put together as a whole, the project seeks to examine form and its variability.

Part of how it attempts to do so is by being changeable even in its static reassembling. Despite the fact that the dowels and log slices are permanently bound together with glue, the sculptural space created is able to morph. The object here is meant to change orientation and question normative views of direction as it becomes “topsy-turvy.”

A log & dowels.

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