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project no.2: 3d section

This 3D section of an Hindu temple - specifically the Modhera step well, dedicated to the solar deity Surya - takes advantage of the bilateral symmetry of the sacred space by taking a section straight down the middle of both the temple and its accompanying step well. This project, while focusing on symmetry, also seeks to emphasize the details of the space. This temple is exceedingly ornate, with intricate details occupying all available space. This project, then, utilized both the three dimensional and the two dimensional to place importance on the sculptural details of the space. 

Three dimensionally, the laser-cut layers of the temple show the details of the columns and ceiling in silhouette, with each layer adding more columns and more dimensionality to the section. But just a silhouette is not sufficient for showing in full how intricate the columnal details are: hence the use of two dimensional pen work. One column, at the entrance of the Sabhamandapa (the assembly hall), is therefore shown in a larger scale in order to show the impressive level of detail on the sculptural elements of the space. 
Though the entire ornateness of the temples and adjacent step well is impossible to fully capture, this project endeavors to do so expertly.

White mat board, Rhino, & pen.

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